Julian Lucas


  • Project Director and Co-Founder, Print Pomona Art Book Fair

Julian Lucas is the co-founder of Print Pomona Art Book Fair (PPABF). PPABF was established in order to foster the unique art publishing community within Los Angeles County, San Gabriel Valley, and the Inland Empire while providing an opportunity for local, national and international publishers to exhibit their work to a new audience. 

Prior to the launch of PPABF, Julian co-founded Mirrored Society in 2015. Mirrored Society is a bookstore that specializes in and publishes photobooks/zines. The collection is carefully selected to present a genuine representation of the society we live in. After 4 years of building the business and a significant network of like-minded artists and publishers, PPABF was an inevitable move for creative partners - Julian Lucas and Kathleen Graulty.

Julian has had a long-standing presence in photography as he has been photographing since the mid 90's. Julian became interested in photography while studying sociology at Portland State University. His photographic works range from the fine art nude to an exploration of human behavior and challenging social norms. Julian is an inquisitive viewer and incisive photographer of the human condition. He has an honest admiration to understand and analyze people. Fascinated by identities that exist within society, his portraits attempt to define an innocence of personalities.

Print Pomona Art Book Fair is a fiscally sponsored project of The Arts Area.

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