A Gus Castañeda

  • Vice President of the Board

Call him a Jack of all trades if you wish, but A. G. Castaneda is a true Renaissance Man. A self taught artist who paints in water color and oil. Gus takes inspiration from all aspects of his life and when not painting you can find him creating in other forms. Formally trained as a draftsman, he has spent time working for at&t and multiple engineering firms. His love for form and function has allowed him to have a lucrative career as an automotive restorer and hot Rod builder. Gus’ creativeness and non stop curiosity has also led him to the hospitality business. He has helped open multiple restaurants and a brewery. When not mixing a cocktail or helping brew you may find him cutting hair or sewing. Gus is also a self taught barber and seamster. If you’re lucky enough he may be able to squeeze you in for a cut.

Besides having a curiosity and thirst for all things art, Gus is a true sponsor and advocate for the arts. It is no accident you find him on the board of The Arts Area. The only thing stronger than his lack of stasis is his championing of the arts. A Jack of all trades, a Renaissance Man, or just a curious soul. It’s up to you to decide.

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