Ontario Summer Concert Series Open Band Audition

Organization    City of Ontario

Type   Open Call Audition

Deadline     Applications Accepted February 15 - March 16


Open to local bands that are connected to the City of Ontario (resident, student, local business, employed in Ontario).  Participants will compete for a promotional appearance at one of the 2018 Summer Concerts.

Up to 6 bands will be chosen to audition on April 7 at Ontario Town Square (224 N. Euclid Avenue).  Up to 3 bands will be selected to perform as pre-entertainment at one of Ontario’s 2018 Summer Concerts.

Open to all ages. Band contact person must be 21 years or older. Groups must have at least 3 band members and a maximum of 6.

All band applicants will be required to submit an online application and submit a social media link for their audition demo.  

Key Dates: 

  • Applications and audition demo will be accepted from February 15 through March 16
  • Review of all applications will be done from March 19 – 23
  • All applicants will be notified on March 26 whether or not they will move on to the live audition 

Audition Demo Guidelines: 

  • ­Music, lyrics and performance must be appropriate for family audiences. No profanity!
  • Audition demo may only be submitted by providing a social media link (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Demo should include at least two songs and be no longer than 15 minutes
  • Deadline to submit application and audition demos is Friday, March 16 (No Exceptions)
  • If selected, bands must be available to perform on Saturday, April 7 for a live audition (time to be determined)
  • Bands will not be paid for their performances