In The Mood

Organization    The Arts Colony

Location    Corona, CA

Type   Open Call

Entry Fee     $5 for each piece, up to four pieces

Sales     The Arts Colony's commission is 20%

Delivery of Art     January 21, 2018, 10 am - 2 pm or January 23, 2018 4 - 8 pm


Human emotion is a factor of life that is both critical to and capable of greatly hindering survival. Whilst cultural interpretations of what emotion is and why humans feel such great sentiments vary widely, there is an agreement that appears to exist within every society as of today: emotions are incredibly complex and capable of greatly influencing human activities and can help form the very basis of what one may consider being their morals.

Events that a person may experience within their lifetime, as well as their personal opinions and thoughts on those events, are capable of greatly influencing one’s emotions and further decisions they may make. Emotions are a wide spectrum of experiences within themselves that are unique to every human being and their story and while a person may experience unnamed emotions, scientists and philosophers throughout history have made many attempts to classify and name feelings that a person may experience. Events that have occurred within human history have also proven that works of art such as music, literature, and visual media have been proven to have the capability to evoke emotions within human beings as well as represent emotions themselves. The symbolism of emotions has also been incredibly prevalent throughout history, with certain flowers and animals holding deeper meanings to people throughout cultures and often changing connotation from society to society. However, some flora and fauna, such as the raven, have often held the same negative connotation throughout cultures. The ominous dark feathers of the raven were believed to be a symbol of death or misfortune throughout many cultures, whilst other birds such as doves were believed to symbolize peace. This can be understood as the human fear of the dark, a natural emotion and intuition that is still seen throughout human society as of today, with those in the light being portrayed as heroes and often protagonists of the story, and those in the darkness being portrayed as evil villains who are often the antagonists of a story. Symbolism like this is capable of evoking natural human emotions of fear of the villain and positive emotions towards the hero.

Emotions play a key role within human society and philosophy and are often portrayed and linked to certain colors, animals, and even plants, artistic creations by humans have also been shown to evoke emotions within people, often with heavy symbolism to imply a deeper meaning.

The Arts Colony is located at 510 W. Foothill Parkway, one block W. of Main St. in Corona. Entries will be accepted in the Art House Gallery, the second house on the right as you enter the Park.

Questions: Kami Leonard | 949-307-3827

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